Grupo de Estudo sobre Violência e Gestão de Conflitos



The Research Group on Violence and Conflict Management is linked to the Department and the Graduate Program in Sociology at UFSCar. It brings together researchers at different levels of training to produce knowledge and intervene in the public debate on public security, violence, conflict management, criminal justice, incarceration, human rights and justice alternatives.
GEVAC works from the perspective of a political sociology of conflicts and their forms of administration, in three lines of research:

  • Security, justice, and criminal policies
  • Institutional conflict management
  • Conflicts, manifestations of violence and social changes
  • Public safety and race relations

Along these lines, research projects are developed on: violence studies in specific contexts; understanding phenomena in the global context of social change; state forms of violence control and management; public security and justice policies; prisons and penal policies; institutionalized or informal forms of conflict management; the state institutionalization of violence control, the judicialization of conflicts and the ways of managing these conflicts.

In addition, GEVAC UFSCar invests in training human resources, valuing students’ learning in research. We also develop actions on science diffusion to pubic and intervention on public debate about our research field. 

On the website it is possible to find the main works produced by the group’s researchers, among articles, reports, and book references. 

GEVAC Presentation

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